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Sept 11 2001 Attacks and Cover Up Essay -- essays research papers

Sept 11 2001 Attacks Throughout history there have occurred many tragic events. On Sept. 11, 2001 an unforgettable event occurred, and will be remember throughout the ages of the United States history. On the tragic day of 9/11 a day that will be unforgettable, the unthinkable happened. The terror stuck the heart of New York City, two planes crashed into the world trade center and total chaos occurred, and lives where lost, and many injured. The terror didn’t end there, other plane hit The Pentagon. Thousands of lives were lost in a single morning, people scatter for help and to be saved, and some died trying to save them. On the morning of September 11, 2001, nineteen terrorists affiliated with al-Qaeda hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners. Each team of hijackers included a trained pilot. The hijackers crashed two of the airliners (United Airlines Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11) into the World Trade Center in New York City, one plane into each tower and resulting in the c ollapse of both buildings soon afterward. A nearby church and the rest of the World Trade Center complex's 7 buildings were also destroyed or damaged beyond repair. A third airliner (American Airlines Flight 77) was crashed into the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia. Passengers and members of the flight crew on the fourth aircraft (United Airlines Flight 93) attempted to retake control of their plane from the hijackers, that plane crashed into a field near the town of Shanks Ville in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania. In addition to the 19 hijackers, 2,973 people died, another 24 are missing and presumed dead. But I think there’s more behind the story. Despite their claims of having been taken unawares and with complete surpr... ...ely following 9/11, and after he emerged from hiding, President Bush lavishly praised his accomplices in the FBI and warned off those who might dare to question or criticize the agency. Moreover, although he had grounded all commercial and private jets, he made one critical exception: The bin Laden family, with whom he and his father had personal and financial ties, were allowed to escape questioning and the U.S. and to fly back to Saudi Arabia. Both President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney also began threatening those who were suggesting that the events leading up to 9/11 should have been anticipated, and both Bush and Cheney urged Senate and House Republican leaders and Democratic Majority Leader Tom Daschle to block any investigation into the events of Sept. 11. The cover up began well before 9/11. The cover up continues to this day.

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Issues and Trends

Running head: VALUE CHAIN ISSUES Issues and Trends in the Global Value Chain Darryn Urueta University of Phoenix ISCOM 383 Pamela Harris December 5, 2011 Issues and Trends in the Global Value Chain Global trends are changing on a seemingly daily basis. Global economies are weakening and some companies are discouraged by the condition of terror threats that are occurring. These threats are changing the spending behavior of the average customer. Not only is the customer not purchasing because of the economy, but businesses face the threat of shipments not being secure or not arriving in a timely manner. To lower cost, and increase benefits, the lean Six Sigma approach will benefit companies by improving strategies and tactics. Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism will help to reduce terror threats. The goals set forth by the Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism will have a significant, positive effect on ports across the globe. The training process will ensure the knowledge needed to protect the supply chain for all countries. Lean Six Sigma Competition for global companies is great in today’s worldwide market. With the popularity and ease of access to the internet, anyone can create an online company for the world to see. Lean Six Sigma can create an environment that can enhance the strategy of competition. According to Carreira and Trudell, â€Å"Lean Six Sigma is a combination of the best features of Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing. Six Sigma is an integrated, disciplined approach for improving processes by understanding and controlling variation, which results in an improvement in the predictability of business processes. The basic values of Lean manufacturing include high quality, low cost, short cycle times, flexibility, the continuous pursuit to eliminate waste, and customer-defined value. While the classic tools of Lean address process definition, high materials velocity, and balance, the tools of Six Sigma address data-driven variation reduction† (Lawson, 2007). Lean causes products to move through processes faster, and Six Sigma improves quality, so integrating the two complementary methodologies can yield even greater benefits than implementing them separately. Some companies find this process too complex to integrate into their system. These companies believe that the process of combining the two strategies would create confusion thereby unwillingness for employees to comply. The Lean Six Sigma approach can help any company lower its costs, improve the quality of its output, and increase its profits as it transforms into a more competitive organization. â€Å"By integrating the Lean principle of a system-wide analytical view; for example, the value stream, the total cycle of activities needed to produce a product or service, organizations can maximize the benefit from their improvement efforts. Lean Six Sigma can be viewed from both a strategic and a tactical perspective. † (Lawson, 2007). Global Trends of Lean Six Sigma In the current situation the entire world is in economically, the trend for Lean Six Sigma may be necessary for all organizations to implement. Across the globe, many countries are experiencing the effect of a global recession. According to Ghosh, â€Å"With increased availability of innovative technology and enhancements, more and more measurements are being put in place to understand, monitor and control processes. As we know what we cannot measure we cannot improve. Available data for processes will encourage predictive modeling tools under the umbrella of Lean and Six Sigma tools. This will enable organizations to become more proactive and help with prevention and improved response times. The lead time of implementation of Lean and Six Sigma projects will also be on a downward trend as a result of easier measurements with technology advancements, greater affordability and the evolution of Web 2. 0 tools to drive productivity and efficiency† (Ghosh, 2009). Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) â€Å"The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency of the US government implemented a partnership with private companies after the events of 9/11 to help protect the supply chain. Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) was launched in November 2001, with just seven major importing companies. Currently over 7,400 companies in the global supply chain are enrolled in the program, including importers, customs brokers, terminal operators, carriers and foreign manufacturers. CBP’s C-STAT strategy is based on five goals† (Murray, 2011). These goals are ensure that C-TPAT partners improve the security of their supply chains pursuant to C-TPAT security criteria, provide incentives and benefits to include expedited processing of C-TPAT shipments to C-TPAT partners, internationalize the core principles of C-TPAT through cooperation and coordination with the international community, support other CBP security and facilitation initiatives, and improve administration of the C-TPAT program. The first goal signifies that profiles and information is secure. Terror threats against all ports of the globe are at an all-time high. The second goal of the Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism enacted security assessment programs and training for all. This will ensure that all personnel are knowledgeable and are properly trained in order to detect such terrorist threats. The third goal is communication. According to Murray, â€Å"Partnering with the international trade community to help secure global supply chains and partnering with individual customs administrations will improve the coordination of mutual anti-terrorism efforts. Supporting the work of the World Customs Organization (WCO) to develop a WCO sponsored framework to secure and facilitate global trade that recognizes customs-private sector partnerships, and coordinate with international organizations to improve the security and integrity requirements of their membership† (Murray, 2011). The fourth goal will expand the Free and Secure Trade Program which will enable authorities to enhance the security of Container Security initiative while helping Homeland Security with antiterrorism programs and development. Global Trends of Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) As international trade continues to expand, the global supply chain remains even more vulnerable to security threats. Despite efforts by importers and other supply chain participants to improve security, the danger of a terrorist attack involving the international transportation system remains high. Companies have also become aware of the vulnerability of its supply chains to an ever-increasing range of security threats and disruptions. While participation in the program has increased, and CBP continues to roll out minimum-security criteria covering new business types, a key category has yet to be incorporated into the program – third-party logistics providers (3PLs). While U. S. Customs and Border Protection has announced that security criteria covering 3PLs will be incorporated into the C-TPAT program sometime this year, it is unclear how they will develop a common definition for service providers in the o utsourced logistics sector (Anderson, 2008). The global trends of Lean Six Sigma and Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism will be a significant part of the future of business. Combining the powers of Lean manufacturing with the essential tactics and strategies of Six Sigma will lower costs for corporations and increase competitive strategy. Forecasting methods, with Lean Six Sigma, will provide businesses the opportunity to enhance the skills they desire and be prepared. Lean Six Sigma will teach companies how to structure their operations to monitor data at the right places and times throughout the process in order to identify issues that need improvement before they become serious problems. A pro-active approach can save time, money and best of all improve customer satisfaction and product reliability. Supply chains are in danger of terror threats. Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism is enhancing their service by combining five different goals to comply with securing the ports of entry. C-TPAT is voluntary at this time, but before long, this may change. C-TPAT will soon require mandatory participation. A major challenge of global trade is navigating customs requirements, and the complexities and processes that accompany shipping around the world among a company’s locations and with outsourcing partners. New security and compliance initiatives, trade agreements, customs regulations, duty rates, and import and export processes can make it more difficult than ever to conduct international trade. All countries and organizations should work together to create a terrorist free environment to enhance the global economy and protect the supply and value chain. References Ghosh, M. (2009). Projected Lean and Six Sigma Trends for 2010 Retrieved December 1, 2011 from http://www. processexcellencenetwork. com/deployment- management/articles/projected-lean-and-six-sigma-trends Anderson, B. (2008). Strengthening Global Supply Chain Security Retrieved December 3, 2011 from http://www. securitymagazine. om/articles/strengthening-global- supply-chain-security-1 Murray, M. (2011). Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), Retrieved December 3, 2011. Lawson, R. (2011). Combining Lean and Six Sigma. (BOOKS). Strategic Finance (2007): 21+. General OneFile. Retrieved December 4, 2011, from http://find. galegroup. com. ezproxy. apollolibrary. com/gps/infomark. do? &contentSet=IAC-Documents&type=retrieve&tabID=T002&prodId=IPS&docId=A176083004&source=gale&srcprod=ITOF&userGroupName=uph oenix&version=1. 0

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Easy French Vocabulary Lesson On the Phone

The world of the telephone has its own special vocabulary. When making or receiving phone calls in French, you will want to know some useful phrases. This quick French lesson will help you understand and speak to anyone. By the end of the lesson, you will be able to begin a phone conversation and understand common nouns and verbs associated with making a phone call. It is a useful lesson for travelers as well as those who do business with people in French-speaking countries. A Polite Request Makes the Conversation Easier It is important to remember that people tend to speak fast in their native language. If you are on the phone with a native French speaker and you cannot catch everything that  they are saying, politely ask them to slow down:   Pouvez-vous sil vous plaà ®t parler plus lentement ? (Can you please speak slower?) You should do the same should the conversation turn to English. Common Phone Phrases Every phone call has to begin somewhere, no matter what the subject is. Whether you reach the person directly or need to go through a receptionist, these phrases will be very helpful when you make the call. In the very least, you can begin the conversation in French and switch to English if the person on the other end knows it. Hello? Allà ´ ? May I speak to ____? Pourrais-je parler à   ___ ? I'd like to speak to ____. Je voudrais parler à   ___. Who is calling? C'est de la part de qui ? or Qui est à   l'appareil ? ____ is calling. C'est de la part de ___. or C'est ___ à   l'appareil. Please hold. Ne quittez pas. I'm transferring your call. Je vous le passe. The line is busy. La ligne est occupà ©e. French Nouns Associated With Phones As you learn more French, you will find that these simple nouns are very  useful. They are all associated with phone calls and, as you can see, many are very similar to the English word. This should be an easy set of vocabulary to memorize and you can practice every time you use a phone. Telephone -  un  tà ©là ©phoneCell phone -  un  mobilePhone call -  un  coup de fil  (informal)Phone number -  un  numà ©ro de tà ©là ©phonePhone book -  un  annuaireDial tone -  la  tonalità ©Phone booth -  une  cabine tà ©là ©phoniqueCollect call -  un  appel en P.C.V.Answering machine -  un  rà ©pondeur tà ©là ©phonique   French Verbs Associated With Phone Calls You will also want to know a few common  verbs that describe the actions taking place during a phone call.   to call -  appeler  or  tà ©là ©phoner à  to dial a number -  composer un numà ©roto pick up (the phone) -  dà ©crocherto be cut off -  Ãƒ ªtre coupà ©to leave a message -  laisser un messageto hang up -  raccrocherto call back -  rappelerto ring -  sonner

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Cosmetic Surgery Insight Into The Enslavement - 1277 Words

Johanna Bonds Bonds 1 Ms. Homewood Sherlock 11 April 2016 Cosmetic Surgery: Insight into the Enslavement to Looking Perfect In the medical field, cosmetics is the process in which patients undergo surgical and nonsurgical procedures to alter their appearance. Unlike plastic surgeons who are dedicated to helping burn victims and birth disorders etc. Cosmetic surgery is enhancing the appearance of a person. Nonsurgical procedures include; botox, laser hair removal, and surgical procedures include breast augmentation or body contouring etc. Cosmetic surgery can also become addictive. Addictions that can occur with patients include repeated surgeries in a short amount of time. Unlike drug addictions, cosmetic surgery†¦show more content†¦The main objective of this essay is to show the dangers, addictions, and enslavement that cosmetic surgery and Body Dysmorphic Disorder cause. Bonds 2 One way people with Body Dysmorphic Disorder become slaves to the idea of becoming perfect is from the media. Social media is constantly changing the average body shape, face shape, and characteristics of a female or male. These ideas are shown through magazines, social media apps, and the news, which destroy the minds of younger generations and their physical features. Magazines that show models create body image desires from both men and women. Tools like photoshop create a slimmer women or a lean muscular man. These advertisements create a question in our heads, Am I pretty enough?, Am I fat?Advertisements of false bodies creates problems for the next generation. Even in children the toys that we see such as barbies make young children believe in how they should look like. You don t get self-esteem from a scalpel (Amico.) Many teens avoid bullying by pressuring themselves into cosmetic surgery. Bullying has an effect in school when kids are called a ugly . Encouraging teens that their differences is what makes them the person that they see is what the world needs to show. False advertisement and false depictions of how people should like destroys

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Causes And Effects Of Climate Change Essay - 1260 Words

Catherine Jimenez Dr. Monroke Oshin-Martin Communication 11, Section D23 Informative Speech 14 November 2016 Causes and effects of Climate Change. General purpose: to inform. Specific purpose: After hearing my speech, my audience will know more what climate change is, what causes it and its effects now and in the future. Thesis Statement: Climate change is a very important issue that affects all of us, we need to know more about this issue. Organization pattern: Cause and effect. Introduction: I. (Attention-getter): When you look at yourself in a dirty mirror; can you see your image very well? No. The same occurs when the sun rays reflect on the sea and that reflection can’t be released into the space because gasses in the atmosphere block their exit causing the planet to get warmer. II. Climate change is how the weather has changed in a specific area over a given period of time-usually 30 years. That means that changes in the weather could be variable or extreme depends on the region you are. We are seeing these changes every year as the seasons change; I.e. Usually we compare the weather of the season this year and the weather of the season from the past year. III. According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), â€Å"Climate change† encompasses global warming, it refers to the broad range of changes that are happening to our planet. That means the reason of Climate Change is because the planet is getting warmer and this heat is getting trapped inShow MoreRelatedCause And Effect Of Climate Change Essay1220 Words   |  5 PagesCause and effects of Climate Change. General purpose: to inform. Specific purpose: After hearing my speech my audience will know what climate change is, what causes it and its effects now and in the future. Thesis Statement: Climate change is a very important issue that affects all of us. Organization pattern: Cause and effect. Introduction: I. (Attention-getter): How do you explain that 30 years ago we had a different weather than today? When you look at yourself in a dirty mirror; can you seeRead MoreCauses And Effects Of Climate Change1706 Words   |  7 PagesDiscuss the causes and effects of climate change. Present any solutions that are relevant to these issues. Probably the most anxious threat to our earth in these two decades is climate change. Climate change refers to any significant change in the measures of climate lasting for an extended period of time. In other saying, climate change includes major changes in temperature, precipitation, or wind patterns, among other effects, that occur over several decades or longer (, 2015). The rateRead MoreClimate Change : Causes And Effects934 Words   |  4 Pages Climate Change Paper Kaitlyn Yinger 4-17-15 Erin Reese Biology 122: 10:30-12:45 Climate Change What really causes climate change? Is it human cause or is a natural process that is happening? I think that us as humans contribute more to climate change then natural causes. Human Causes Humans affect climate change in different ways, three main ways that humans caused climate change is deforestation, greenhouse gases and Agriculture. Deforestation causes change to the landscapeRead MoreThe Causes And Effects Of Climate Change1084 Words   |  5 PagesAs a result of climate change, natural disaster has increased extremely, especially droughts and floods around the world. In the past several years, it can be seen that various news concerned critical climate variability and extreme weather. For instance, the United States Department of Agriculture (2013) pointed out that the US agricultural land suffered from drought about 80 percent in 2012, while BBC (2015) reported that one of four districts in Myanmar, which were warned of flooding caused byRead MoreThe Causes And Effects Of Climate Change1690 Words   |  7 Pagesdebates about the pros and cons of climate change and what are the causes and effects of climate change. There are those who argue that the rising leve ls of atmospheric greenhouse gases in our environment are as a direct result of human activities. Some activities that are at the top of the list include but are not limited to the burning of fossil fuels, the cutting down of our forest, these activities are causing significant and increasingly severe climate changes which include global warming. GlobalRead MoreClimate Change : Causes And Effects1113 Words   |  5 Pages Climate Change: Causes and Effects Student’s Name: Institutional Affiliation: Climate Change: Causes and Effects According to Adger (2010), the combined effect of climate change and limitations of resources is serving as a threat to the sustainability of the current social-economic systems and is poised to affect our way of life. Climatic change is more than global warming. The rise in temperatures is but part of the broader changes leading to extreme temperatures, drought, floodingRead MoreClimate Change : Causes And Effects1347 Words   |  6 Pagesdebated topic of climate change. Climate change is no myth; it’s a further analysis of how our planet is suffering the negative effects of human carelessness, which can be observed through the glaciers worldwide. Due to fossil fuel consumption and deforestation, greenhouse gasses are beyond regular amounts and affecting the glaciers, causing them to melt and increase ocean and sea levels. To further understand Climate Change, one must recognize what it is. When people ponder about climate, they thinkRead MoreClimate Change : Causes And Effects1781 Words   |  8 PagesClimate change, either caused by humans, or naturally occurring, is beginning to affect several areas around the world and is causing human environmental insecurity in some already weakened states and regions. Climate change is defined simply as changes in the earth’s weather patterns. Change in climate becomes a security concern, for example, if decreased rainfall equates to decreased crop production in what was once a dependable food source that has now disappeared. The lack of this resourceRead MoreClimate Change : Causes And Effects Essay1856 Words   |  8 PagesClimate change: Climate change is caused mainly by increase of human activity and industrialisation. For example, activities such as driving cars, farming, burning coal and cutting down forests produce greenhouse gases – mainly carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide which are emitted into the atmosphere, which create a layer of greenhouse gases around the earth and trap the sun s heat. The earth over its 4.5 billion-year history has naturally fluctuated from ice ages to extreme droughts, howeverRead MoreClimate Change : Causes, Effects And Solutions1774 Words   |  8 Pageslately on the causes, effects and solutions of global climate change. Nearly every day, scientists and politicians speak about the subject, or we hear about it in the news media. On September 23, 2014, President Obama remarked at a U.N. Climate Change Summit that â€Å"-- there’s one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and that is the urgent and growing threat of a changing climate† (The White House). The science of climate and climate change involves many

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Pop art music free essay sample

Pop music a term that originally derives from an abbreviation of popular) is a genre of popular music which originated in its modern form in the sass, deriving from rock and roll. The terms popular music and pop music are often used Interchangeably, even though the former is a description of mums a genre, pop music Is very eclectic, often borrowing elements from other styles including urban, dance, rock, Latin and country, nonetheless, there are core elements which define pop.Such Include generally short-to-medium length songs, written In a basic format (often the erase-chorus structure), as well as the common employment of repeated choruses, melodic tunes, and catchy hooks. CLC which Is popular (and can Include any style). So- called pure pop music, such as power pop, features all these elements, using electric guitars, drums and bass for Instrumentation; In the case of such music, the mall goal Is usually that of being pleasurable to listen to, rather than having much artistic depth. We will write a custom essay sample on Pop art music or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Pop music Is generally thought of as a genre which Is commercially recorded and desires to have a mass audience appealed Hatch and Stephen Milliard define pop music as a body of music which is distinguishable from popular, jazz, and folk music. According to Pete Serge, pop music is professional music which draws upon both folk music and fine arts music.Although pop music is often seen as oriented towards the singles charts it is not the sum of all chart music, which has always contained songs from a variety of sources, including classical, jazz, rock, and novelty songs, while pop music as a genre is usually seen as existing and developing separately. Thus pop music may be used to describe a distinct genre, aimed at a youth market, often characterized as a softer alternative to rock and roll.

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Who is to blame for deaths of Romeo and Juliet Essay Example

Who is to blame for deaths of Romeo and Juliet Essay William Shakespeare was born on 23rd April in Stratford-upon-Avon. Shakespeare was Englands greatest poet and play writer of all time. He started play writing in 1595 and produced 38 plays in his lifetime. These include titles such as Twelfth Night, Hamlet, Macbeth and A Midsummer Nights Dream. However this essay is focusing on the play of Romeo and Juliet.Romeo and Juliet was one of the earliest plays produced by Shakespeare. It is the tale of a love affair between two children in rival families the Capulets and the Montagues. The two children Romeo (a Montague) and Juliet (a Capulet) met at a Capulet ball and instantly fell in love. They secretly marry in Friar Laurences church but their relationship is cut short when Romeo kills Tybalt in revenge for him killing his friend Mercutio. For this Romeo is banished from the streets of Verona to Manuta by Prince Escalus.Meanwhile the Capulets have arranged for Juliet to marry Paris. However Juliet refuses to marry him and in a desperate attempt to prevent it going ahead she drinks a potion, which makes her dead for 24 hours. When Romeo hears of her death he rushes back to Verona to see her. When he sees her in the vault he kills himself in a bid to join her in heaven. Then when Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo dead she stabs herself with a knife so they can be joined together again.There are many reasons for the deaths of these two individuals. It could be the consciences of the people surrounding them both, it could be the feud between their families, or maybe some crucial events that inspired the conclusion of Romeo and Juliet like the Capulets ball, the quarrel between Romeo and Tybalt.I am laying the blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet on nearly all the characters in the play, excluding the citizens of Verona, the masquers, pagers, servants and watchmen, as these were just playing their role in life.Firstly, I blame the Prince. He should have acted earlier to stop the feud between the two families. Escalus h ad that authority and it was his duty to use it to Veronas advantage. It was unjust of him to send Romeo away from Verona as a punishment for killing Tybalt when the fight was Tylbalts fault.Mercutio, one of Romeos friends and a supporter of the Montague household, is to blame for the deaths of Romaeo and Juliets death. If Mercutio had not argued with Tybalt in town whilst out with Romeo and Benvolio, Romeo would never have got into his fight with Tybalt and therefore would not have been banished.It could be that Lord Montague and Lord Capulet were partly responsible for keeping the feud going. Their attitude towards the fighting was very negative. They could have stopped the quarrelling but both acted quite childish. They were both very selfish as they put their pride and feud between the Montagues before the people of Verona and their own family. This is one of the reasons why Juliet was so vulnerable. They could have ended the feud and Romeo and Juliet would have been free to get married.The behaviour of Lord Capulet and Lord Montague was very immature and did not send out a good example to the other family members. For example when they arrive at the fight at the start of the play they want to join in but it obvious that they are too old. They are both very foolish. These quotes show their foolishness and hatred for each other,What noise is this? Give me my long sword, ho! (CAPULET)A crutch, a crutch! Why call you for a sword? (LADY CAPULET)My sword I say! Old Montague is come, and flourishes his blade in spite of me. (CAPULET)Thou villain Capulet! Hold me not, let me go! (MONTAGUE)However at the end the two families realise what they bitter rivalry has caused and feel guilty about it. If only had done something early then it could of helped prevent the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.Juliets nurse is also to be blamed for the deaths of the lovers because she encouraged Juliet with her romantic ideas. The nurse acted as a go between, carrying messages, she also helped arrange their marriage. The nurse kept their love, affair a secret and did not tell Juliets parents, but helped Juliet disobey their wishes. The nurse also arranged their wedding night. The Nurse knew that Juliet was too young to get married but offered no advice and was eager for them to get married. While Tybalt was still alive the Nurse would say nice things of Romeo of how hes a man of wax, but after Romeo killed Tybalt the Nurse turns against Romeo:Will you speak well of him that killed your cousin, Shame come to Romeo.The Nurse starts to become two-faced because she had told Juliet to marry Romeo and then Paris. The nurse was only thinking of herself and not Juliets future. The nurse got Juliet into this mess and got her confused and heart broken. The nurse played a big part in helping the deaths of the two young lovers and she knew of the feud between their families and the wishes of the Capulets. The nurse chose to be a mother of a child that was not her own. She mad e bad decisions that caused these deaths.Lord ; Lady Capulet chose to leave their daughter in the care of a nurse who was very selfish and manipulative. The nurse did everything she could to make herself happy, she told Juliet that Romeo was the right man for her and did everything she could to help Juliet see Romeo. Lord ; Lady Capulet didnt have any idea how their daughter was feeling or what she was doing. They didnt play their role as parents but let someone else try and do their job for them. If they hadnt have left Juliet in the care of the nurse, Lord Lady Capulet would have known what Juliet was doing.Capulet by himself was also to blame for his daughters death. He was a wise and strict man, who tried to do the best for his daughter. He wanted to get Juliet married as soon as possible, it seemed as if he wanted her out of the way. Especially when Tybalt died as he felt that this would help her recover from his death and so that she would not put of marriage any longer, yet he did not know that she was more upset about Romeos banishment. Capulet put a lot of pressure on Juliet and did not give her much of a choice; then again we must remember that Capulet was a typical father of Elizabethan time. He gave her no other choice but to go with the Friars plan.I also think Lord ; Lady Montague are partly to blame for Romeo ; Juliets deaths because they were not understanding Romeo, they never spoke to him but sent Benvolio to speak to him. They never knew what he was thinking or doing. Lord Lady Montague said that Romeo was to himself so secret and so close. They didnt understand that Romeo was amused at the idea of being in love. Romeo kept secrets from his parents, so they never knew how he was feeling.I blame Romeo and Juliet themselves. Romeo because he acted too hastily throughout the play. He should not have asked Juliet to marry him so suddenly, and he should have thought more carefully before rushing back to Verona after hearing of Juliets death. T his is because he was banished, but since Juliet was dead, I cannot really blame him too much here. Romeo also acted violently and without thinking when he murdered Tybalt in a blind rage, and then later Paris, out of annoyance and frustration. Juliet should not have disobeyed and deceived her parents. Like Romeo, she was far too hasty in rushing to marry Romeo, when she had an idea that she may be engaged to marry Paris, via her father, at the time of the masked ball. Until meeting Romeo, she had been very happy with her parents choice. If she had a little more courage, she could have told Paris she was not interested and left home to live away from Verona with Romeo.I think that Friar Laurence is also to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. He gets the couple married, offers Juliet the potion, fails to send the letter to Romeo in time and runs away selfishly from the vault.When Romeo first tells him about getting married he hesitated because their love had just begun and it c ould end as easily as it started.These violent delights have violent ends and in their triumph die, like fire and power which, as they kiss, consume (Act 2 V1, 9-11)And even though he knows Romeo well and knows how immature he is towards love:Is Rosaline, that thou dist love so dear, so soon forsaken? Young mens love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes (Act 2, 111, 62-64Being a religious man the Friar considered the benefits of marrying Romeo and Juliet, which was that maybe through their love, the feud between the two families would end.In one respect Ill thy assistant be, for this alliance may so happy prove to turn your households rancour to pure love (Act 2 111, 86-88) Marx obfuscatedHowever he should have thought about it carefully because then again their love may not have helped end the feud, but he agreed to marry the two couples.By this marriage he made Romeo a relative to the Capulets and by this: Mercutio would not have been slain by Tybalt and Romeo wo uld not have killed Tybalt in revenge.Later in the play the Friar then offers Juliet the potion, which hypnotizes her for twenty-four hours, so she can avoid getting married to Paris, who is deeply upset when he sees her dead at the tomb and weeps.The obsequies that I for thee will keep nightly shall be to strew thy grave and weep (Act 5, 111, 16-17) He lets everyone think that Juliet is dead. Even though this saved Juliet from marrying Paris it also caused Romeos death, as Friar took the duty to inform Romeo of Juliets situation but failed to do so. His whole plan depended on the letter to Romeo. He did not think about making another plan in case the original one failed. If it had been different Romeo would not have though that Juliet was dead and his state of mind and actions would have been different.The Friars selfishness is also to blame for when Juliet woke up and found Romeo dead she wanted to stay and he told her to escape with him before anyone came.Come Ill dispose of thee Among a sisterhood of holy nuns Stay not to question, for watch is coming Come, go, good Juliet. I dare no longer stay (Act 5 111, 156-159)The Friar leaves selfishly in fear that he will be caught. If he had stayed with Juliet then maybe he could have stopped her from killing her self.So the hasty marriage, wrongful use of the potion, failure to send the letter and his selfishness stated that the Friar played the biggest role in leading Rome and Juliet to their deaths.Now looking from another view we could say that nobody but fate was to blame for their deaths.For a start what is fate. Fate is the power that is supposed to settle a head of time how things happen. Romeo and Juliet could be an example of fate. It has become the control of this play.For a start Romeo and Juliet believed in fate. They believed that the stars did things, and were the reason behind unexplained actions.Some consequence yet hanging in the stars (107), by some vile forfeit of untimely death. But he hath the steerage over my course, direct my sail (Act 1, 1V, 111-114)In this quote Romeo is telling his friends that he had a dream, which tells him that he will die young because of something in the stars and that he has no control over his life, that someone else is directing him. He was like a puppet asking his puppeteer to guide him.Never the less, fate still sets up the scene for the two lovers. Romeo firstly being in love with Rosalind, then the Capulets servant asking him to read the list of invited people for the Capulets ball. The servant asked him to come and he agrees as he sees Rosalinds name on the list. This sets everything up for Romeo and Juliet to meet. So if fate did not put all that together than who did?Shakespeare most would say. What was the chance of two enemies falling in love, probably one out of a million? So we could say that fate set up their love, or that their love was predestined as well as their suicides, which they both saw in little dreams and visions. Juli et for example saysMethinks I see thee, now thou art so low, as one dead in the bottom of a tomb (Act 3, V1, 55)Which is where Romeo eventually ends up, besides her. How could Juliet have seen the future if it was already planed put for her? Dreams and visions often hint to what is going to happen and in this case both Romeo and Juliet saw that Romeo would die.Fate often finds to lovers, Romeo and Juliet were lucky enough to find each other so soon, even though their love landed them to their deaths. In this case fate was not only bringing these two lovers together but also ending them as well as ending the feud between the two families.That power beyond their control has spoiled their plans, this power must be fate.I think that God works in mysterious ways and sometimes the bad things in life are actually good. We could say this about fate and the role that it plays in Romeo and Juliet. It turned hate to love although it also turned love to death. So we can say that fate played the most important role in this play. I believe that it did lead Romeo and Juliet to their deaths, although the ultimate choice was theirs. Fate was leading them to it. I do believe that we do have some say on how we turn out. Fate brought Romeo and Juliet together but it was also their love, their action may have been predestined, but they were their own actions. They did not realise the consequences of their love.In my final evaluation, I will aim to look at this play at several different angles and my conclusion will be very forceful into discovering who is responsible. Not one individual is totally responsible. But the blame should, and will be shared between allIndividuals. The play from the start was always destined to be tragic. It is the way the play is remembered. Romeo and Juliet- The classic love story. I find several events very ironic and there is hint that these events could be classified as mis-fortunate. One in particular was when Romeo did not receive the telegram. Thi s caused a large confusion and it is inevitable what was going to happen after this event.Not one individual can be held responsible for this tragedy but all the characters come under the spotlight more than others do, the nurse did not advise Juliet to the best of her ability. When the relationship had started the nurse told Romeo that Juliet felt the same. Yet, when Romeo was banished and the couples were married, the nurse dramatically changed her view. She said that Juliet should marry Paris. Juliet had now been let down by someone who was very close to her, Juliet was now very confused. Individuals in the play have motives for their actions, Friar Lawrence used love to bring people together.Tybalt was protecting his family name and pride. Mercutio was also playing a protective role towards Romeo. The nurse felt that she was helping Juliet but all she did was give Juliet hassle that she could not cope with. In addition, she wrongly advised Juliet. If the lovers had been honest a bout their relationship perhaps, the outcome may have been different. If the end it can be said, individuals in the end pushed the couples over the edge. However, in the end the blame boils down to the two lovers. The lack of maturity shown by the lovers led to their deaths, the couple were left and isolated from both parents so they could not turn to any body. In the end both families were left, to see the damage their feud had caused. One question that will be left unanswered is, did any of the individuals realize the significance of their actions?